4 Helpful Ways to Clean Your Cat’s Teeth Without Brushing
Published: July 9, 2020
clean your cat's teeth without brushing

How do you clean your cat’s teeth without brushing? Dental care for your cat may be more important than you think. No matter how hard you try, brushing your cat’s teeth can be near impossible. Especially if the cat has never had any experience with tooth brushing before.

clean your cat's teeth without brushing

By cleaning your cat’s teeth, you are potentially saving yourself a lot of money in vets bills in the long run but most importantly, decreasing the chance of dental disease developing in the future. Thankfully there are some products out there that can help keep your cat’s teeth clean without using a toothbrush, although bear in mind, these aren’t as efficient as regularly cleaning your cat’s teeth with a toothbrush and a specially formulated toothpaste.

1. Tooth Gel/Pastes

Tooth gels/pastes such as Beaphor Tooth Gel or Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste require no brushing but you do need to apply these directly in the mouth so they can be a good starting point for working your way up to eventually being able to brush your cat’s teeth. These contain enzymes that kill the germs which cause tartar build-up, tooth decay and gum disease and also strengthen and soothe the gums.

2. Dental Prescription Diet

Your vet will be able to advise you on food products which may help reduce the build-up of tartar and dental plaque. Hills Prescription Diet T/D has been clinically proven to reduce plaque, stain, and tartar build-up but always consult your vet first.

3. Cat Treats/Supplements

Cat treats such as Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care Cat Treats and PlaqueOff Dental Bites (not suitable for cats with hyperthyroidism) are cat treats designed to reduce the build-up of tartar. Both Products are free of artificial additives and preservatives. Plaqueoff Dental Care is a 100% natural product made from a specific Scandinavian seaweed which has developed a natural defensive mechanism against bacterial biofilm. Generally, results are seen over 2-8 weeks.

Dental Cat Toys

These PetStages Catnip Chew Mice are great for teething kittens but they can also be helpful for removing tartar and improving dental health in older cats too!

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