8 Signs Your Kitten is Teething
Published: July 13, 2020
signs your kitten is teething

8 Signs Your Kitten Is Teething

Kittens are both without teeth and acquire them from around 2 weeks old. These milk (deciduous) teeth fall out from around 3 months of age and are then replaced by the permanent adult teeth. This is why inspecting the teeth of a kitten is a great way of aging him/her. By the time the kitten reaches 6-7 months, all adult teeth are permanently in place. Since most of us acquire adopt kittens when they are around 10-12 weeks of age, you may notice some telltale signs that the teething process is underway.

  1. Missing Teeth – You may notice lost teeth on the floor or the kitten’s bedding. Most of the time though, these will fall out when the kitten is eating and then get swallowed with the food.
  2. Reduced Appetite – Feeding soft food during this time will be much easier for them to chew. If you notice weight loss, visit your vet.
  3. Gum Bleeding – You may notice specks of blood in their food or water bowls.
  4. Excessive Chewing – If you notice your kitten trying to chew everything in sight, offer them chew toys such as these.
  5. Pawing at the Mouth/Shaking their Head – These are signs of dental discomfort. Your kitten could be trying to dislodge a tooth.
  6. Grumpy – You may notice your kitten becomes more irritable due to having a tender mouth.
  7. Decreased Grooming – Your kitten may not be grooming themselves as much if he/she is experiencing discomfort.
  8. Kitten Breath – This is normal and will last as long as the kitten is teething.

Some of these teething signs may have other causes so it’s always important to visit your vet if in any doubt.

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