5 Ways to Stop Your Cat Biting
Published: June 22, 2020
stop your cat biting

Stop Your Cat Biting!

Having looked at why your cat may be biting you in the first place, it’s now time to look at the ways you can stop this behaviour, or at least mitigate it. Let’s have a look at 5 ways to stop your cat biting you…

1. Don’t go for the belly!

It’s common to receive a bite or nip when your cat is lying on their back and you see it as an invitation to rub their belly. This however is your cat’s way of telling you that he/she trusts you – by exposing their most vulnerable area. Your cat is not telling you he/she wants her belly rubbed (there are of course some exceptions and some cats do tolerate this). It’s best however, to stay clear of this area, however tempting it may be!

2. Reward good behavior!

If your cat is engaging in playtime while keeping his/her claws in and without biting, it’s important to reward your cat to reinforce this behaviour.

3. Provide Toys

It’s important to provide toys for your cat to play with. This provides environmental enrichment and allows your cat to act out his/her natural hunting instincts. Toys such Yeowww! catnip toys are great for allowing this behaviour and most cats go crazy over catnip. These are very popular with cats and the catnip used is high quality. Also, these Kong Kickeroo toys are very good as cats love holding onto them and giving them a good kicking!

4. Don’t Punish Your Cat

Avoid physical punishment as this will make your cat more defensive and he/she will be more likely to bite you in the future. Instead, only reward GOOD behaviour. Some of my favourite cat treat brands for using as rewards include Cosma and Thrive. However, these aren’t available in the US so I’d recommend PureBites as they’re essentially the same thing – freeze-dried cat treats.

5. Use Teething Toys for Kittens

Kittens will start teething at around 10 weeks old so if this coincides with when your kitten starts becoming very “bitey”, teething is likely to be the reason why. You can get a range of toys designed for the teething stage. Ones which I quite like include Petstages Chew Mice and Petstages Dental Toys.

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